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Kegel Sport is now in a position to offer the full concept of 9-pin and Tenpin bowling

Whilst we have designed and build some multi lane centers, we have decided to concentrate on bowling installations for private homes and small entertainment venues. Our obsession with quality ensures the customer for a unique addition to their venue or home.

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Kegel championships at Kingsford

THE Kegel Sport Australia national championships were held at the newest kegel bowling alley at luxury retreat Kingsford The Barossa last week. Jim Watts of Coffs Harbour, NSW has defended his title as Australian Kegel champion following his win ... MORE

Rural revival in the Barossa

It’s all wine and skittles at this historic homestead, which was once the setting for a popular TV drama. Underground in the Kegelbahn, the hour is late. The skittles are flying, the grenache flowing
... MORE

Kegel 9-pin bowling championship

It looks like finally the travel restrictions into South Australia have been lifted; lets hope it stays that way. We have now settled on a date; Tuesday the 29th of March to Thursday the 31st of March 2022.
... MORE

Chris Hemsworth got Victory in Bowling

“Thor” star Chris Hemsworth enjoys a game of bowling on his privatly installled two-lane KEGELSPORT BOWLING ALLEY

About Kegel Sport Pty. Ltd.

The company is privately owned based in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia exclusively concentrates only on the manufacture and installation of bowling equipment ... MORE

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We have been installing bowling lanes over more than 15 years all over Australia. Our specialty is for smaller venues, such as private homes, bowling bars and hotels ... MORE

Kegel Sport Bowling Equipment

Kegel Sport Pty Ltd has been the innovator in Australian Bowling since 2003. We offer a full range of bowling equipment and all of our mechanical components ... MORE

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If you are thinking of a Tenpin or Kegel 9-pin addition to your home, Kegel Sport are the people to assist you in the planning of such a venture ... MORE

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The first String Pin Setters

Going back to 1959, 62 years ago the first string pinsetter was developed and built by the German Company Vollmer, situated in Bieberach, Germany. Kegel Sport purchased and imported the first Vollmer spring setter in 2003 ... MORE