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Chris Hemsworth got Victory in Bowling

The 37-year-old Melbourne native, known for his roles in Thor and Avengers, lives in a gorgeous Byron Bay mansion with his wife of 10 years Elsa Pataky, and their kids India, Tristan, and Sasha. Giving fans a sneak peek he proudly showed off the enormous ten-pin two-lane Kegelsport bowling alley.

The “Thor” stars new home in New South Wales  has everything, including a 2 lane Tenpin bowling alley that Kegelsport was fortunate to build for him  ...  MORE



String pinsetters for Tenpin bowling

Kegel Sport innovated the string-based pinsetter for Tenpin bowling in Australia

The Kegel Sport Tenpin Bowling String Pinsetter is an example of what our superior technology can offer the operator of any centre, reflecting the experience of a world leading mechanical engineering company.

The player expects perfect, incorruptible hits with short set-up times - and should the need arise - a quick and effective, electronically controlled disentangling mechanism ...  MORE



Tenpin - short version

Bowling is enjoying ever greater popularity. However, the floor space and administration required for a classical bowling alley often pose a problem for proprietors of small-scale recreational venues.

Our short version of Tenpin is the same as conventional bowling but on a smaller scale. It only requires about 60% of the space and is played with a correspondingly sized ball (160mm) but the standard full size pins.

They can incorporate all the familiar features of classical bowling
...  MORE