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Venues in Australia

Kegel Sport specialises in providing & installing bowling alleys for private homes, pubs, clubs, organizations and tourist resorts.

We are obsessed with quality of our installations and are passing this on to our clients. Our expertise, obsession with detail, and attentive guidance allows each of our residential clients to realize the unique vision of their home bowling alley or private bowling lane amenity.

We can install full-length regulation lanes or can shorten and customise them to your individual requirements.

We have pinpointed a number of locations around Australia where a Tenpin or Kegel 9-pin bowling center could be established. Naturally, cities with large populations always attract a good number of clients. However the potential investor should do a comprehensive feasibility study to cover all angles and possibilities. A professional business plan is very important.

When developing a business plan, consider other forms of income that compliment the bowling activity. Look at the following:

  • Food outlet, not only soft drinks and snack food, but consider to incorporate a full fledged restaurant
  • Offer alcoholic beverages from a bar
  • Other additions, such as pinball and reward machines, etc

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