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Tenpin lanes in home at Eagle Bay/WA


Tenpin lanes in home at Eagle Bay/WA

Originally, this Tenpin installation had Brunswick equipment installed. However due to the constant breakdowns, the owner asked us to change all over to our equipment. We pulled the refurbished pin-spotters out and replaced them with our "String" pinsetters. We also changed the below ground ball return system with our above ground ball return and collector.
The owners assured us that there has not been a single breakdown since we installed it in early 2015.






Two Tenpin lanes in a hotel

This is a Tenpin installation in a hotel in Kolkwitz in Germany.
Note the bar on the right hand side.









Double Tenpin lane

This picture shows a double lane in a private home in Germany.

It has been decorated to make it look like an old mine shaft.










Double Tenpin lanes in a hotel in Holland

You can make your masking wall look spectacular with light shows and music videos projected.









                This are pictures from a 2 lane Kegel 9-pin bowling installation in Germany

                                     - in normal light and also under black lighting

Adventure theme short