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Kegel Sport Pty. Ltd. is a privately owned company

The company based in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia exclusively concentrates only on the manufacture and installation of bowling equipment, be it Kegel 9-pin or Tenpin. We also have developed our own games software that features many games. Kegel Sport imported the first fully automatic Kegel equipment into Australia in 2003 and built a small 2 lane venue near Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of New South Wales. After realising the acceptance of the new bowling game by the public, a larger 12 lane center was established in 2007 in a prominent position in Coffs Harbour. This was followed up by a 4 lane center in Melbourne and a 7 lane center at Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

Since those early beginnings, we have installed lanes into nightclubs, amusement venues and private homes.

Our Aim

Kegel Sport is now in a position to offer the full concept of Kegel 9-pin and Tenpin bowling.

Whilst we have designed and build some multi lane centers, we have decided to concentrate on bowling installations for private homes and small entertainment venues. Our obsession with quality ensures the customer for a unique addition to their venue or home.

Our Services

If you are thinking of a Tenpin or Kegel 9-pin addition to your home, Kegel Sport are the people to assist you in the planning of such a venture. We will be happy to give you examples of many layout options and information about structural requirements. Don't be put off by the length requirement of a full size bowling lane; we can design for you a cut down version that can fit in most reasonable length rooms. Contact us and show us your floor plan and we will come up with a workable proposition. We have installed full length Tenpin lanes, full length Kegel 9-pin bowling lanes, Mini Tenpin lanes and cut down versions of Tenpin and Kegel 9-pin bowling. Kegel Sport will install all of the equipment and gladly oversee the project from the planning stage until completion and will follow this up with continued after sales service and advise.

Our Products

Kegel Sport Pty Ltd can offer an extensive range of bowling equipment: Kegel 9-pin bowling equipment, including lane surfaces, pinsetters, ball returns and ball collectors, pins, balls and games software. Tenpin bowling equipment, including lane surfaces, string pinsetters, above or under-lane ball returns and ball collectors, pins, balls and games software. Mini Lanes are available in both, Tenpin or Kegel, totally free standing or built in unit, including lane surface, pinsetters, ball returns and ball collectors, pins, balls and games software.