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Automatic Bumpers

Today it’s unthinkable not to have bumpers with your bowling lanes. Bumpers make life a lot more easier for children and people who have some difficulties aiming the ball and scoring on the lane, because they prevent the ball rolling into the gutter.

Our automatic bumpers are connected with the scoring system. From the bowling console, your guests can choose whether they want to use the bumpers. This is easily adjustable for EACH player. The bumpers go up at the right time for the right player. After the player’s turn they automatically go down.

Advantages of the automatic bumpers:

  • The bumpers are (if not in use) hardly visible.
  • The bumpers don’t have to be lifted by hand.
  • The bumpers go up automatically at the right player’s turn. So you don’t have to get extra staff.
  • The bumper system is very safe.