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2021 Australian Kegel 9-pin bowling championship

It looks like finally the travel restrictions into South Australia have been lifted; lets hope it stays that way.

We have now settled on a date; Tuesday the 29th of March to Thursday the 31st of March 2022. If the Olympics can pass it over for a year, so can we!

The venue will be at the “Kingsford the Barossa” in Kingsford in the Barossa Valley, which is close to Gawler SA.

We will hold the qualifying matches on Tuesday to determine the strength and order of play, Wednesday the preliminary matches and Thursday the finals.

There will be trophies and certificates awarded in three sections: "OPEN", "MEN" and "LADIES".

Players from NSW and Qld will be travelling there to compete with some locals in this brand-new Kegel Bowling venue. If you can roll a straight ball, you will have a lot of fun. If interested, please contact us on 0407 292 112 or on the contact page of this website.


Kegel' is German for skittles. It came to the Barossa in the 19th Century and survives to this day. The game features nine pins that you knock down with a bowling ball. The challenge and fun of our fully automated Kegelbahn is hard to resist. A lively location where skills are tested and friendships forged - and occasionally, where skills are forged and friendships tested. It even has its own bar, the Kegel Bar.