Which bowling discipline for you?

Kegel Sport offers two different disciplines, the well known Tenpin bowling and also the – new to Australia – Kegel 9-pin bowling
Both disciplines also are available in smaller versions; Mini Tenpin and Mini Kegel if space is a consideration.
Let’s examine the two games, look into the difference and form an opinion which one would work for you:
Tenpin bowling – a game very well known all around the world and had its high days in the sixties and seventies. The equipment used has very little evolved since then and the pinsetters, the heart of the whole equipment, still use the same complicated system. Due to this fact, the machinery needs constant attention which requires a mechanic on duty at all times during operation. There is no variety in the choice of games and usually there is only one game available for the public to play.
However, we have now introduced our “new age” pinsetters into Australia. By having our equipment installed, the operator will no longer require a mechanic to look after the machinery and we are so confident with the quality that we guarantee trouble free running for many years and offer a 3 year warranty.

Kegel 9-pin bowling on the other hand has many advantages over its rival. It is the most common bowling game played in Europe but very little known anywhere else. The game itself is much more challenging as Tenpin, but also much more enjoyable and a much wider scope of people can participate. Small Children from 4 years on can roll the ball down unassisted. The same applies for the elderly and handicapped as the balls are smaller and lighter. Kegel 9-pin bowling features many advantages over Tenpin; just to mention a few:

  • Large variety of games; it can be easy or challenging to play, depending on the games you choose
  • Balls are smaller and lighter, allowing the young and the physically impaired to play
  • No oiling of the bowling surface, therefore no conditioning machine required

Whichever discipline you choose, speak to us and we are sure that we can help.