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Ahrens shine in Australian Kegel Championship

Hi all, what a fantastic way to end March after Kingsford The Barossa opened its KegelBahn to the Australian Kegel Championships, with trophies awarded to Ahrens’ sporting greats.

In an elimination grand final – held yesterday afternoon and cheered on by a lively crowd – in the Ladies’ Division, it was Lani Sawka from Group Support Services division who stole the alley way with 187 points, against Rheanne Mann from the Rural Division with 162 points.

In the Men’s Division, Tom Carmichael from Finance scored 178, defeating Noah Shoumack from the Kingsford workshop with 155.

While all the way from Coffs Habour, NSW, it was past Australian Kegel champion Jim Watts who was crowned the winner in the Open Division with 210 points knocking out Christian Roediger from Kingsford The Barossa, with 194 points.

F or their efforts, each winner was rewarded with an Australian Kegel Championship trophy (pictured above).

Impressively, the event led to a strong display of sporting prowess by our Ahrens’ participants. Well done and bad luck to those who didn’t quite make it.

Kingsford The Barossa was fortunate to host current players and past national Kegel champions Heinz Gress and wife Dorothy, plus Jim Watts, who specially travelled from Coffs Harbour for the event (pictured right).

While it was unfortunate Covid hindered more interstate and state player numbers from competing, it did lead to a healthy cohort of Ahrens staff stepping up to the alley way and having a roll.

For those who may not be aware, Kegel, or Kegeln, (German for skittles) is much like 10-pin bowling but involves 9 pins, with a slightly different style of elimination.

According to Heinz Grass, who helped with the creation of our KegelBahn, the championships have run since 2004, albeit when Covid restrictions were enforced.

If you live in the Barossa and Gawler regions, be sure to look out for next week’s Leader and Bunyip newspaper feature pieces promoting the event and our winners.

A big thanks to our staff who put up their hands for the qualifying and elimination games on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope you walked away knowing a bit more about the traditional game.

Thanks to Heinz and Dorothy Gress and Jim Watts; your advice and guidance was greatly appreciated.

The connection has now set the scene for Kingsford The Barossa to host the 2023 championships.


Stef Ahrens

Managing Director